Feedback really helps, it gives potential customers the confidence to buy and provides us with useful information and ideas on how to continue improving our products and service. We'd be very grateful if you could share your feedback and ideas.

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Rachel from Cambridge  February 19 2014
Beautiful sculpture, a lovely original gift. It also arrived very promptly, and was very well packaged - securely and neatly. Everything about the product and the service was very high quality.

Carol from Burton on Trent  February 19 2014
I am absolutely thrilled with 'my Hoover building' sculpture. First seen in Heals so had no doubts about the workmanship. Packing was spot on as was delivery. Shall more than likely purchase another sculpture in future.

Richard from London  February 19 2014
The piece we bought, of the old Arsenal Stadium, is beautifully crafted and looks stunning. it's admired by all who see it.

Richard from London  February 19 2014
The piece we bought of the old Arsenal Stadium is beautifully crafted and admired by everyone who sees it.

Deborah from Windsor  February 19 2014
I bought the hoover building as a gift. Its one of our favourite buildings. The model was beautiful and striking in its simplicity. Great service, well packaged. Recommend to anyone.

Richard from Hartlepool  February 19 2014
Another gorgeous piece and usual great customer service and quality, thanks!

Sherrilee from London  February 19 2014
A friend recommended that I look at this sculpture as I was looking for a xmas present for my boyfriend. He is a fanatical Arsenal supporter and all the Arsenal branded products I saw were too tacky so when I saw this I thought it would be ideal. We agreed to get each other 12 presents and he thought this one was the best (and he is definitely hard to please as he is the man who has everything!). He has had lots of great compliments about it - personally and on twitter!. It was well packaged and I would definitely recommend Chisel & Mouse - I ordered it on the last posting day in a bit of a panic but was received very quickly.

James from Cardiff  February 19 2014
Very nice products. Bought as a gift which was well received. The only minor point is that the wire windows in the product I purchased were damaged by the recipient when the gift was opened, despite the warning given on the box. They are very fragile.

JOCELYN from London  February 19 2014
The service I received was excellent. Very prompt response - product well received by arsenal fan! - thank you

Diana from Norfolk  February 19 2014
It is a good idea but as my husband used to work in the building he thinks it isA little bit square. The original building is longer.

Simon from Westcliff on sea   February 19 2014
Your unique design idea is fantastic, I bough the Regency Townhouse as a gift for my partner and they love it. Thank you!

Dirk from Den Haag, Netherlands  February 19 2014
Great idea, love Battersea Power Station, excellent quality, good quality/price ratio, quick dispatch, etc etc. !!!!!!!!!!!

Dirk from Den Haag, Netherlands  February 19 2014
Great idea, love Battersea Power Station, excellent quality, good quality/price ratio, quick dispatch, etc etc. !!!!!!!!!!!

Judith from Cornwall  February 19 2014
Sculpture bought as Christmas gift which was loved by recipient - service excellent. Product bit pricey therefore a 4!!

Barbara from Berkshire  February 19 2014
Excellent service and stunning product which has pride of place on my sons bookcase....thank you

Gordon from London  February 19 2014
Great designs with originality and character, speedy and personal service.

Mark P Hennessy from Melbourne Victoria, Australia  February 18 2014
I absolutely LOVE my model of the Glasgow School of Art! It is in a feature position of my living room and it is the pinnacle piece of my Mackintosh collection. The model arrived within 5 days of shipping.

Al from Texas  February 18 2014
The scale and detail of the Marlin Hotel are exactly what I have come to expect in Chisel and Mouse Models. This is the fourth model in my collection from Chisel and Mouse I have been very pleased with each one. The service and shipping has always been top notch as well.

brenda from NY State, USA  February 18 2014
The service for this order was great, with prompt communication when I had a couple questions, and a very easy payment transaction. My piece came quickly, well packaged, and in perfect condition. The quality is beautiful.

brenda from NY State, USA  February 18 2014
The service for this order was great, with prompt communication when I had a couple questions, and a very easy payment transaction. My piece came quickly, well packaged, and in perfect condition. The quality is beautiful.

Eric from California  February 18 2014
I love the Guggenhein Museum piece and have gotten compliments on it from friends.

Mark from Washington  February 18 2014
A very beautiful model.Keep up the modernist work!MM

Nathan from London  February 18 2014
I love the Farringdon model. Really pleased with the level of detail.

Humph from Worcester  February 18 2014
This model is the 4th model from these two brothers we own. If you haven't held one, you won't understand how superb they are. We look forward to seeing which building will be the subject of their next sculpture. Their success is well deserved.

Mollie from London  February 18 2014
Love it, pride of place in living room. Great work keep it up!

robert from swansea  February 18 2014

Christopher from London  February 04 2014
It's so refreshing to be dealing with such a professional company. There just aren't many companies out there with such a great level of service as yours.

Anne from Leeds  December 08 2013
Excellent product arrived in perfect condition.

Robert Raymond Britz from California, America  November 18 2013
I ordered the News Building and it is everything I thought it would be. It is breathtaking with wonderful details. I know you're works are in museums, could you please direct me to where I might find an article in English with pictures of such a thing?. However, overall a wonderful piece of history in the making.

Kate from London  October 31 2013
Hi there, I'm looking for a gift for my boyfriend's 30th and when I came across you guys at TENT i didn't have chance to talk to you, but I was wondering if you have any models of St.Paul's, Tower Bridge or Upton Park football ground as he's a HUGE West Ham fan.... I don't see any of those on your site, as much as I love many of your current pieces I don't think any of them are quite right for him. I'm afraid i can't afford to commission a piece for £1000 but I just thought i'd ask incase any of the above do exist? On another note, i'm a Senior Product Designer at the British Museum and if you send me your catalogue I will pass it on to our buying team as i think some of them would be great in our high end shop. We currently stock a few pieces from Revival Arts of Bath, but I think your pieces would be great in addition to those!Kind regards, Kate

Richard from Hartlepool  October 18 2013
Great service and fantastic sculptures! Looking forward to ordering many more! Thanks!

Victoria from London  October 17 2013
I really appreciated the speedy delivery of the piece. The gift was received well and was a very fitting gift for a gent who was returning to the US; the Power Station will be set pride of place in his new study.

Gail from London  October 17 2013
When I stupidly broke one of the Battersea Power Station towers due to not following the very simple clear instructions, the whole thing was replaced within days at no further cost. The item is beautiful and the customer service second to none. I would recommend this company and its product highly.

Robert from South Australia  October 16 2013
Excellent service, simple transaction, kept well informed, the piece was beautifully packaged and arrived one day earlier than forecast.Plus, the piece is superbly finished.Yes, a very satisfied customer!

Jon Crombie from Wellington, Somerset  October 16 2013
'Arsenal Stadium' has pride of place in my living room. An exiled supporter who grew up in Highbury, the sculpture serves many purposes - as a reminder of my old home, the many hours of pleasure and pain standing on the terraces and, importantly to me, as a piece of art. The item itself is extremely well presented, evocative of a bygone era of care in construction and elegance - well represented by this memento that now resides in Somerset. The craftsmanship is of a very high standard, simple yet graceful and sympathetically executed. Much admired by friends (and supporters of rival clubs).The service I received from Messrs Chisel & Mouse was efficient and the sculpture arrived quickly and securely packaged. The object, as mentioned, is produced to a high standard and I have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone who may be interested.

Kay from Coggeshall  October 16 2013
Thrilled to bits thank you hope to buy a few more pieces

Jonathan from London  October 16 2013
It was given as a present and was warmly received. The quality was high. The detail is excellent. It makes a very interesting object in our home. Thank you

Steven from Highbury   October 16 2013
The product, customer service and speedy delivery was second to none. Thank you all.

Robert from Putney  October 16 2013
Just received my model of the Century Hotel.....absolutely stunning!!! Pride of place on my desk (right next to my Battersea Power Station). Are you releasing anything new for Christmas?

Mike Hare from Hertfordshire  September 01 2013
I chose this model because my mother was drafted into war work in this building.It very cleverly captures the elements of the building in a small space. I am reminded of the work of Henry Greenly (see wiki) who designed and built locomotives which appeared to be scale replicas of the main line locomotives but which in fact were robust enough to do hard work each day.I admire the detail and textures very frequently


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