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Mark A from Chicago IL  February 22 2021

Jim from Philadelphia  February 10 2021
I just received my 1:5000 model of Venice and it is stunning. Now, granted, Venice is stunning, but the model is amazing. I sent my kids and GF pics saying this is possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever bought, and I’m 64!Thanks, beautiful. No doubt I’ll be back!

Helmut from Germany  February 05 2021
I ordered the Bauhaus building and Guggenheim museum. Well packed and really beautiful models. I enjoy them very much and will order citycapes this year. Thank you Gavin for your service and patience.

Edwin S from Larne, Northern Ireland   February 03 2021
Beautiful models and so well made- this is my third. A lovely piece of architectural art.

Andy GS from England   January 19 2021
Ive just taken delivery of Berlin, Paris and Vegas (cityscapes). Just Venice left to complete my collection. Beautifully crafted and I enjoy looking at them every day. Thank you for taking such good care with the packaging. Each one is a joy to look at.

AGS from UK  January 19 2021
Superb service, well packaged and beautifully crafted. Truly unique and a joy to look at - thank you.

Emilia from Bologna, Italy  December 25 2020
The model of Venice was a wonderful Christmas present from my dad. It is an high quality product, packaged with care, I love it!

Sahra from Denmark  December 24 2020
Thank you so much! It arrived on time and I am super happy!

Simon from Sussex  December 10 2020
The model is lovely. We're really pleased with it. It's actually the second of your Soane models we've bought: they're definitely worthy of the museum itself!

Tono PR from España  December 04 2020
Hola! Acabo de recibir la estupenda maqueta del Pantheon romano. Maravillosa réplica!Sigue creciendo mi colección de vuestras obras, empecé con la réplica de nuestra casa familia de Peñacerrada y ahora sumo una obra más... No será la última!Muchas gracias por vuestro excelente trabajo!Cuidaros...

Niko from Norwich, UK  December 04 2020
Extremely pleased with the model - superb quality and detail. Loved the personal touch, and the careful packaging. I'll have to look into starting a collection!

Duncan from Uk  December 04 2020
Another 3 models......all superb as before. Everyone is very impressed with the quality of models and how striking they look on display. Effectively packaged with great communication about delivery.

Rob from Berlin   November 30 2020
The model arrived today, expertly packed. I'm super impressed with the quality and the simplicity of it. Now I want to collect more...

Mauricio from London  November 30 2020
I got the model on Saturday, it's so beautiful! I've seen some of your models before and always wanted to have one!

Derek from London  November 30 2020
The models arrived safely and look fantastic.Looking forward the the next ones I will be buying

Greg from London  November 28 2020
Model received, looks superb!

Danny from Derby  November 27 2020
Received my Hepworth Gallery Wakefield model today - it's even more stunning than I remember when I first saw it at the galley itself. Excellent service all round.

Andrew from London  November 20 2020
I have been extremely impressed with C&M. The models are so much better than even the pictures suggest. They are simple but stunning. We've gone for a collection of three, having been wowed by the first model (a present to me a year ago). C&M have provided fantastic customer service. We have even sent one of their models of Paris to a friend in Australia who should have been visiting Paris this year for her 40th birthday, but couldn't make it.

Andreas from Germany  November 17 2020
I received the models yesterday and they look beautiful!

Charlotte from UK  November 17 2020
Thank you for the Shankly Gates the model looks amazing and will be a special gift for a big Liverpool fan!This is my second order as I have the Rome city map and both are of excellent quality.

Jean from England  November 05 2020
Thank you so much for the model of The Glasgow School of Art which arrived this morning it’s absolutely fabulous. We are thrilled with it, many thanks again

Joachim from Germany  November 03 2020
The model arrived today safely. It is very beautiful. I think about starding a small collection.Thank you for the swift delivery.

Ian from UK  August 05 2020
Just to let you know 'Shankly Gates' arrived safely this morning. Beautifully crafted, looks superb...

Donna CLB from Boston  July 16 2020
Absolutely stunning. The attention to detail is extraordinary, and the craftsmanship is superb.

Ze from Jersey City  July 06 2020
Love the models. Also Gavin has been really patient and helpful with all my questions.

Candice from West Coast, USA  June 15 2020
The piece looks amazing and I am looking forward to ordering more to start a collection.

Dan from South West England  June 14 2020
All received thanks - v pleased with it

Marie from London  June 03 2020
I'm delighted with my model; it's more substantial than I expected & I love the white-ness & the green contrast of the window bars...Many thanks, I am well pleased with my model. (Also the packing, recyclable, thanks)

Bob Mills from London  February 01 2020
Battersea Power Station was a gift from my wife, I grew up in the shadow of this building, this piece means so much to me and my family and is an instant heirloom to be passed on.

Simon from Lewes  January 29 2020
The Temple is really stunning and beautifully made.

M from Florida  January 25 2020
Fallingwater and Farnsworth House arrived today . They are perfect . Your shop has remarkable artists and craftsmen . Thanks again for these and past treasures.

DCJ from Massachusetts   December 26 2019
I am throughly delighted with the Chicago Cityscape model I received as a Holiday present. This is the perfect gift for lovers of architecture, history, maps and urban design. Thank you!

Shaun from London  December 10 2019
Just a quick email to say I received the Cityscape today- WOW it’s brilliant, heavy as well. Got to say it’s a brilliant piece of work, very detailed, and up to date, and an ideal gift for a person that lives in central London as a gift. Glad I found your site and placed an order.

M from Essex  November 19 2019
Thank you for sending the beautiful model of Firehouse Engine 55. It arrived safely this morning and is absolutely perfect.

Gueseppe from Italy  October 28 2019
parcel arrived on time :-) . The model is beautiful ( as expected - we already have the Battersea model ... ).

Bruce Reynolds from Virginia Beach   October 03 2019
I am amazed by the craftsmanship and detail put into the U.S. Capitol dome model. I absolutely love it!! The customer service from Gavin and all at Chisel and Mouse are best. They went above and beyond in every way. I will treasure this for the rest of my life.

Liz from London  July 19 2019
My husband is absolutely over the moon with his cityscape. He loves it! He was pretty much speechless and overcome. He has taken a good look at your site and watched the videos etc. and is totally intoxicated.

Sarah from Southampton  July 16 2019
I'm delighted with the model thank you. I can't stop looking at it.

James from USA  July 07 2019
Received one of these beautiful buildings as a gift; have now discovered your site and can't wait to choose more. A whole series these would look perfect on our shelf.

Jean from France  July 04 2019
I received my models. They are beautiful. Thank you very much and congratulation for what you do !


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