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Valeska from Miami  April 04 2017
I love your 3D maps!!! Have you considered creating a Map of Miami?!??

Mr Mouse from Chisel Towers  March 22 2017
@Jane Watkins, not the building so would be great to add to the collection

Jane Watkins from London  March 22 2017
Do you have any plans to do the Iconic London County Hall withe the beautiful green roof, especially with it's location to the Eye?

Mr Mouse from Chisel Towers  March 21 2017
@JB we have a number of new cityscapes coming out....first release will be in May. Will let you know via email.

JB from Dorking  March 21 2017
London model arrived today, great level of detail. Do you have other UK cities planned?

Alex from Washington DC   March 20 2017
I've had your Amsterdam canal house for almost a year now. I love the way it elevates my otherwise sparse dorm room. May I suggest Parisian architecture for future projects? A Haussmannian apartment building perhaps?

Andreas from Switzerland  March 04 2017
Also have a suggestion to make for models: Hotel de Crillon in Paris. It looks fantastic! That could be 44 cm wide or even bigger!

Mr Mouse from Chisel Towers  March 02 2017
@ Jeffrey LA - we design all of our collection including the cityscape series. Drop us a mail [removed@*****.com] if you'd like more info.

Jeffrey from Los Angeles  March 02 2017
Who is the designer of the cityscape series?....

Peter McKenzie from Brighton  February 27 2017
Just got my Trellick Tower delivered to me an hour ago......Love it! Fabulous service from Chisel & Mouse and a great product. I have a really quirky set of bookshelves where the Tower now takes pride of place and contrasts perfectly with our 1720 farmhouse. Family are happy because they now know exactly what to buy me for foreseeable Christmases and Birthdays! I will collect more. I am really curious to see exactly how they are made....the detailing is incredible. C&M are only a few miles from me so I shall try to organise a quick visit soon.

Vivienne from Washington UK  February 21 2017
The Hoover building model was bought as a birthday gift. The birthday boy (50) was thrilled with it and it has pride of place.

Lisa from London  February 19 2017
My favourite building, I fell in love long before I started working in it. After 10 years in the Tea Building I now work in Canary Wharf with buildings around of far less character. I miss my old work home but with your fantastic model I still visit every day. Thank you very much, for a product bar none and some great service to go with it.

Ben Cook from Atlanta, GA USA  February 18 2017
No Corbu? You guys must be British! 😊

Ian from NZ  February 14 2017
Villa dall’Ava

Mark from London  February 14 2017
Stunningly detailed work and swift delivery - am absolutely delighted to receive the Trellick Tower! Beautiful piece & great service - thank you

Andres C from Toronto, Canada  February 11 2017
I ordered the Battersea Power Plant model last year. I lived in Battersea, London for a number of years - not only is the model fantastic and a definite conversation piece, it also brings back many good memories of my time in London.

Eclecticist from Malta  February 11 2017
I would definitely say Valletta ... so much history and so much baggage are represented through the magnifecent way the city was built. Many customers would be ecstatic to have such a gem! Second option would have to be Stockholm

Patricia from Napa, CA  February 10 2017
I'd love the Golden Gate Bridge!!!

Mary Mayfield from coconut creek  February 10 2017
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Charlton cassar from Valletta  February 10 2017
Would love to include valletta cityscape in my existing scapes that i purchased from eclecticist. Really satisfied

alison Bracey from Bristol  February 10 2017
Having bought and displayed your city scapes in our showroom we've have loads of requests from people wanting a Bristol one so I would definitely say DO BRISTOL!!!

Penny Francis from New Orleans  February 10 2017
new Orleans map of the french quarter with mighty Mississippi river would be amazing

Jade Zammit from Malta  February 10 2017
I think Valletta's city-scape would be a great addition to the collection - It's the European Capical of Culture next year - V18!

Marthese Grima from Valletta   February 10 2017

Sherona Grima from Malta  February 10 2017
I would love the see Malta's capital city Valletta!It has been awarded the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2018

Lisa from MALTA  February 10 2017
Would love to have the capital city of Malta, Valletta as Cityscape! Amazing work!

Gert B from Delft  February 10 2017
I' d like to see cityscape of Rotterdam!

P from london  February 09 2017
I love the Glasgow school of art model. Its beautiful and perfect.

June B from Devon England  February 06 2017
As a Geordie in exile I would love to see the Tyne Bridge or Grey's Monument, both of which would work very well. St James football ground would be great too.

Nick P from Edinburgh  February 06 2017
Edinburgh, New Town, Old town and Castle.

Anon. from Netherlands  February 06 2017
Maybe it is a idea to release 3D-floorplans from famous churches and other buildings so that we can see the inside of a building and how its build!!

Harry from Texas  February 04 2017
San Francisco

May from Japan  February 04 2017
I' d like to see cityscape of Kyoto!

Doug from Kent, UK  February 03 2017
A couple of possible buildings of interest would be Eltham Palace and Blickling Hall. Both have historical significance and unusual architecture.

Al Zirkel from Texas  February 03 2017
The Wedding Tower, Darmstad; Texas State Building in Fair Park,Dallas or any of the Deco Building there; Bohn house, Austin

Thomas from Sao Paulo  February 02 2017
I would love to see Oscar Niemeyer buildings done by Chisel&Mouse: Brasilia cathedral or Niteroi.

Joe from New York  February 02 2017
Tokyo, Hong Kong for Cityscapes!

Michael Helston from London  February 02 2017
So many good suggestions. Perhaps the old, walled city of Cadiz, an island stuck out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Sarah from Manchester   February 02 2017
Hi,Central Library in Manchester ( not Deco but amazing building nevertheless!)

David from Boston MA  February 01 2017


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