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George Christodoulou from Greenwich  February 01 2017
The observatory or st alphege

Mark Davis from Chicago  February 01 2017
Would love to see the San Francisco cityscape.. The Chicago Theater and definitely the Michelin House in London. Any building that's Art Deco..maybe the Chrysler Building entrance or the 30 Rockefeller Center entrance or the Radio City Music Hall entrance ( New York City)..all spectacular

Tim Zeitler from Boston, MA  February 01 2017
Would love to see the city of Boston.For building's, would love to buy a Reliance Bldg in Chicago.

Jane from Kent  February 01 2017
Bank of England, Tate Britain, The Monument, Michelin Building south ken. Any and all of the Hawksmore churches (but you already know that)! Oxford/Cambridge colleges? A London that is a bit further west than the existing one with Houses of Parliament. Love what you are doing and especially pleased with the commission that you are doing for us.

Catherine Mills from Glasgow   February 01 2017
I suggest :Barony Hall Glasgow Sydney Sussex college Cambridge Glasgow University University College London

Jim & Jennifer Shearer from Edinburgh  February 01 2017
What about two cities which would really lend themselves to being "city-scaped" - Rotterdam and Edinburgh?

camila simas from Sao Paulo  February 01 2017
I have a suggestion to make to the PopArc Series of A4 wall hanging models. What about Zaha Hadid's work on paper? Have you ever seen them? They varied from facades to plans but always showing a different perspective on absorbing the concept and idea behind the project...I find them fascinating! And I think reproducing them with a 3D printer can be incredible! Copyrights might be an issue but hey....

Frank Kingman from San Francisco  February 01 2017
I suggest the Timothy Pfleuger designed Pacific Telephone and Telegraph (later, AT&T) building on New Montgomery Street in San Francisco. An Art Deco masterpiece.

Akhilan from Singapore  February 01 2017
Hi, um first and foremost would love to see a cityscape of Singapore... (Marina Bay area/Central Business District) Also a model building of Marina Bay Sands would be great too... I'd just like to see a bit more representation of cities outside Europe and America...That being said, Duomo Di Milano, The Pantheon, St. Basil's Cathedral, and the Colosseum would make for awesome model buildings...Oh, and I agree with Michele from Florida... A cityscape that incorporates Rome and the Vatican City with St. Peter's Square would be heavenly...Sorry for the long list, but you guys are awesome...!!

Joanna from Los Angeles  February 01 2017
Capitol Records Building in Los Angeles please!

Colin Hopkins from Bedford  February 01 2017
Being a Liverpool fan I would love a model made of Anfield. I'm sure it would be well received and would sell out very quickly. Another route to go down would be replicas of famous sports trophys in a miniature scale. The old Wembley with the twin towers would be a good seller also. Regarding the cityscapes Liverpool would be the one I would purchase.

Tim from California  February 01 2017
Hi, Love the model of St Pauls. Would like to see a cityscape of San Francisco, and the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore (used to be the old Post Office). As a long shot, West Pier in Brighton. Thanks

Ellen from Texas  February 01 2017
Mies! Grand Central Station, NY; SOOOO many Chicago wonderful buildings

Tony Smith from DouroValley  February 01 2017
Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia. Lisbon and Oporto.

J Anna Ludlow from Nottingham  February 01 2017
Midland Hotel, Morecambe / Ocean Hotel, Saltdean / Lido, SaltdeanThe Old Nottingham Ice StadiumThe Aviator, SywellPan Pacific AuditoriumDon Cafe, MorecambeThe Yacht Inn, PenzanceNew Ferry Building, Ellis IslandThe Coffee Pot (Programmatic Style Buildings)The Kalakala BoatMy bucket load could go on and on and on .......

Selwyn Taylor from Norwich  February 01 2017
Willis Faber & Dumas Headquarters, IpswichSainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich

Guy Nisbett from London  February 01 2017
One of the Barbican towers please! Wall hanging is ok but it's a freestanding version I'd love to have.

John from Chicago  February 01 2017
More Frank L WrightSome Bertrand Goldberg

Emma Curtis from Surrey UK  February 01 2017
Sydney Harbour Cityscape

Chris Spry from Los Angeles  February 01 2017
Miami Art Deco and Mid Century Modern are both good albeit retro. Los Angeles Cityscape is now worthwhile with new construction boom. Hong Kong would be awesome.

Happy Customer from USA  February 01 2017
Sydney Opera HouseManhattanLas VegasWe love the blue river on our London, if you could incorporate the color into other water features, it adds quite a bit to the piece.

Marc from Roma  February 01 2017
Hmm, what about more form Rome? There are so many amazing buildings here, Pantheon, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, etc... Would love to get my hands on one of these :)

David blakeman from Harlington, bedfordshire  February 01 2017
Surely, surely, surely St Pancras Station has to figure-or, rather less dramatically, the Russell Hotel in Russell Square?How about Fallingwater or the amazing Portmeirion?

Michelle from London  January 31 2017
1. Lloyds of London2. Sydney Opera HouseThanks!

Ringway Centre / SBQ from Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham  January 31 2017
When built in the 1950s this building was the longest office building in the country. It was designed to follow the contours of the new "inner ring road" of the city as a futuristic approach to city planning and design. The building has a series of patterned panels below the windows and extruded lighting troughs which were (until about a decade ago) used to up-light the building.Unfortunately the building was recently given a certificate of immunity from statutory listing - and developers are going to demolish huge chunks of it and completely remove the panelling. So my request please, is that some a wall-hanging could be made of a section of the building facade - including the lighting trough. It's another example of post-war Brutalist style architecture that is going to be destroyed in the city and I think this would sell well alongside what is now memorabilia for the demolished Central Library and other modern buildings.

Nathan Snyder from New York  January 31 2017
Barbican Estate (low rise facade with barrel tops) and T-series Span houses (facade of a row)

Andreas Konrad from  January 31 2017
.... and the Villa Savoye from Mr. Corbusier.

Andreas Konrad from  January 31 2017
Hôtel de Crillon would be nice! Paris!ôtel_de_CrillonOr a greek temple.And Mies van der Rohes Masterpiece: Seagram Building.

Shay Levy from New York  January 31 2017
I will buy the following three as soon as they'll be available (assuming you'll decide to design and build them):1. San Francisco2. Hong Kong 3. Dubai

Andy from Buckinghamshire   January 31 2017
Berlin Templehoff Terminal Building.

Nick from Bristol  January 31 2017
The suspension bridge or Wills building or Cabot tower

Linda Jones from Reading, England  January 31 2017
Cardiff City HallLlandaff CathedralThere are some beautiful buildings in Cardiff, South Wales

Michael Johnston from Los Angeles  January 31 2017
Yes, Hadid, Gehry, Herzog, libeskind. Give us some contemporary works

l french from london  January 31 2017
I would love to have a model of Westminster Cathedral, certainly one of London's most interesting and unique buildings.I would also like to se a city scape of Tokyo and perhaps Kyoto.Fingers crossed!

Brenda from Finger Lakes area in Upstate New York  January 31 2017
I'd love to see one of the beautiful old buildings in Old Quebec City in Canada. We have 4 of your buildings now. They are gorgeous.

Mark Rosenblum from USA  January 31 2017
1. Frank LLoyd Wright Robie House (Chicago)2. Palmolive Building (Chicago)3. Pellissier Building (and Wiltern Theater) (Los Angeles)

Not sure from M4 elevated London  January 31 2017
The lovely modernist building that overlooks the elevated section of the M4 on the north side in Paddington

Arjan from Gateshead  January 31 2017
I would like to see Rotterdam in the city Cityscape series and the Barbican tower would also do very nice in the Model Building Series but the PopArc version of it does look nice!

steve from towcester  January 31 2017
Definitely agree with a few of suggestions below - de la war pavilion , san Francisco ( would love to see how you model the grid over those hills ), Barcelona as cityscape ( casa mila as façade ) , midtown NY including flatiron ( Highline maybe ? ), san gimignano , thermal baths vals - after thinking need to book some flights as well as you making models !

Iain S from Bucks  January 31 2017
I'd like to see a series of lost/at risk twentieth century icons... St Peter's Seminary, Cadross, Birmingham Central Library, etc. That would be a great way to let them live on.


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